Importance of Science Education in Primary Schools

Importance-of-Science-Education-in-Primary-SchoolsScience is one of the most important subjects in primary school education because primary school students from the ages of seven to 11 are curious by nature so that science education gives them the opportunity to discover new things and explore the world around them.

The reasons for the importance of science education:

  • Teaching science to primary school children would give them the necessary skills they can use in other areas of their education such as analytical and problem solving skills and researching skills.
  • Primary school students who learn about science in the early years of their primary education would give them a solid foundation of learning that is useful for them when they reach the stage of secondary education.
  • Learning science in the early part of their primary school education would give the students an idea on how to handle scientific, technological and environmental issues facing the world today and in the future.
  • Children in the final years of their primary school education would have an appreciation or even be interested in science or technology related careers if they are exposed to science during the early years of their education.

Because of the valuable contribution of science education in a primary school curriculum, the teachers and school administrators should make sure that all subjects related to science should always be updated and current with the continuing advances in knowledge and technology.


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