Areas of Improvement in Your Business Essays

Areas-of-Improvement-in-Your-Business-EssaysStudents must love feedback. In every returned, marked and critiqued essay paper, students should immediately take a look at their garnered feedback. This practise is, without a shadow of a doubt, influential in the short term, as well as, in students’ long term progress.

In the case of writing business essays, what feedback or critical areas could be considered for improving further?

  1. Profiling a chosen demographic segment without trapping innovation.

The baby boomers are one of the oft-cited segments in the essay papers. As a consequence of the collective data collected, much of the necessary information makes it seem that this segment is predictable.

With this predictability in tow, students are bound to simply complement it (through services and products). Without complexity, innovative solutions (embodied in products/services) are stifled.

  1. Recognising the evolution of consumer behaviour.

Today’s consumer loves to ask more questions. They are keen to make well-informed choices about the services or products that they avail. Furthermore, they have become receptive to taking heed from non-firm sources (eg, blogs, magazine articles).

Business essays should be able to reflect this gradual change in consumer behaviour. Interestingly, consumer-oriented research is no longer restricted to the consumer themselves, as any external factor that actively influences their behaviour must be covered, as well.

  1. Substantiating a prominent figure’s case.

Another common tool for filling up that essay paper is by infusing a case study – one that is focused on elaborating the prowess of a particular business mogul. To best substantiate this figure’s success, it would be necessary to implicate the complexity that figure had been facing.

For instance, instead of ranting on about Michael Dell’s brilliance in shaping the consumer experience, why not highlight about the middleman issue? He saw that with a middleman, consumer money tends to be easily exhausted. His solution was to take the middle player off the picture and go directly to consumers. This figure’s brilliance, therefore, becomes believable.

  1. Provide an outlook for an emerging business trend.

Many trends clothe it as an emergent – when, in fact, it is actually an improved or tweaked version of an earlier business trend, particularly, business model. Count in the so-called “network marketing.” It had glazed before as a model that dictates the establishment of various components to a business firm – both internal and external. Yet, now, it is introduced as a shortcut path between firms and consumers (minus middlemen).

Now, students are particularly good at rehashing any inherent detail about it (see few business essays); the area for improvement is that part that involves making feasible forecasts or outlook.

Students will need full knowledge to actualise improvement in their coursework papers. Their tutor’s feedback is a good place to start.


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