Compare and Contrast Essay

compare-and-contrast-essayYou may have written lots of essays and think that, perhaps, you’ve known it all. Wait until you come across an essay that demands so many things – this essay popularised as the compare and contrast essay.

Basically, this essay is all about presentation; students get to have the chance to present the similarities and differences of two contending variables. On a deeper level, writing this essay requires more than presentation.

To avoid from putting up an overwhelming set of demands, the particulars of a compare and contrast essay will be divided using the Aristotelian concept.

Introduction: Big Umbrella & Objective

In writing the essay’s intro, take careful note that the actual action doesn’t have to commence until you reach the essay’s body part.

So, what’s for the introduction? Students are expected to open up with the general or umbrella category through which houses the subjects of comparison and contrast. Followed by this opening is a statement of which will explicitly convey the objective of such activities.

In other words, there has to be an answer as to why the comparing and contrasting of variables have to occur? Where does the significance lie? Who are the potential benefactors? All of this has to be cleverly wrapped up in a few paragraphs, as expected of all introductions.

Body: Alternating or Bulking

The bulk of the action starts with the body portion of your essay. You can start by highlighting in advance the parameters of comparison and contrast or leave this at the start (as a wrap up).

Students have at least two choices of essay outline to follow: (a) all similarities in one comparison and all differences in a single contrasting event, or (b) alternating similarities and differences. How you choose your outline or flow of comparing and contrasting is of equal importance with the tone by which you establish the relationship between the variables.

In most cases, comparing and contrasting adopts an exchange of features or advantages and disadvantages.


The last part is one of the oft-forgotten or oft-granted portion of a compare and contrast essay. Sometimes, when students fail to properly delegate the parts of the piece in accord to three parts, they find trouble putting up substantial stuff at the conclusion.

To avoid this, students need to know what to properly embed in an essay’s conclusion. The conclusion has to provide the results of the compare and contrast activity. Did it meet the aforementioned objectives (from introduction)? What insights could you gather out of the results of the comparing and contrasting? Does it bring you closer to understanding each variables, as well as, its relationship and contribution to its “umbrella category?” Answer all these for your essay’s conclusion.

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