Becoming More Effective in Giving PowerPoint Presentations

Becoming-More-Effective-in-Giving-PowerPoint-PresentationsTime and time again, a number of university students fail to effectively use the tool called PowerPoint in their presentations. Giving a PowerPoint presentation may sound easy to accomplish, but actually, a student should know a few things that would allow him to fully utilise this academic tool. After all, PowerPoint presentations are the most used and abused method of relaying information in the academic setup.

So without much delay, here are some techniques a student can use when giving PowerPoint presentations.

  • A powerpoint slide should contain text that is no more or even equal to what the presenter would say during a presentation. Placing much text in a slide usually makes the audience read it instead of listening to the reporter. The slides are just the tool that the presenter employs to bring his point more effectively to the audience. They are just cue to what the presenter is going to say.
  • During presentations, the presenter should never turn his back against the audience. Maintaining eye contact is important if a student wants the audience to discern the information being conveyed. Likewise, audience engagement falls significantly if the presenter always turns his back against them. It would seem like that the presenter is not talking to them.
  • Use bullet points to emphasize only the most important items on the report. Instead of placing a whole paragraph into a slide, create bulleted items to highlight that these are the main points of the report or presentation. This would also prevent one from reading verbatim from the slide.
  • Use images that are relevant to the information contained in the slide. Humorous images and animated graphics could bring the text into life and boost the points mentioned. It also breaks the cycle of monotony and boredom prevalent on ineffective PowerPoint presentations. However, overuse and abuse of such images could be counterproductive.
  • Make sure that the text on the monitor could be seen by the last person on the back of the room. The presentation is for all present in the room, not only for those on the front.


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