Writing Essays for University Admission

Writing-Essays-for-University-AdmissionScribbling written pieces, like essays on psychology, is nothing foreign to students. It has been and remains to be one of the most common written exercises students do.

But writing essays for university admission is often a once-in-a-lifetime affair. Students do write several application essays in one sitting for several universities, but that’s that. As much as possible, they don’t want to write another again as this may mean that they haven’t had any luck last time.

At such rate, what do students do to complete their piece? Collated below are some of these activities:

  • Ask around. They’d ask career counsellors and admission officers. Visit open days and converse with existing students, faculty members and fellow applicants. Students attempt to open their radars for quite some time and filter relevant information from the nuisance.

  • List stuff. To ensure that no crucial personal information is missed, a list is most likely to be prepared by students. Such list may come in the form of an outline – academic, extracurricular, and work experiences.

  • Draft and leave. Now, when the spirit of the essayist gets students in ‘the writing zone,’ expect them to be busily drafting their admission essays. They’d write in accord to their gut feeling, ideas and so forth. Then, the spirit deserts them and then students have no choice but to temporarily stop. They’d wait for the next visit.

  • Proofreading like a pro. It’s important to do something with that essay – whether fixing its flow or structure, to correcting spelling, grammatical or punctuation errors. As long as you did something that will minimise the presence of errors and improve the essay, then that’s good and a job well done for today.

  • Read and revise. And when students decide to go critical with their own work, bits of slights would suddenly become a subject for a major or minor revision. Students should follow their urge to perfect their piece until they feel satisfied about it.

  • Consulting another. Perhaps, students don’t find themselves as effective critics of their own work – or, all of their energies have been spent on writing that critiquing seemed impossible. In this case, it is always wise to keep the company of those who can do better in critiquing your piece and collaborate with them in the name of a perfect admission essay.

Looking at all these, it is indeed, a busy time to be a student. But considering the rewards of actively working through it, students can get the fulfilment even before they got their welcoming letter from those universities they’ve applied. And that’s just grand.

A reminder: Expressing your thanks to those people who have helped you should not be forgotten.

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