Academic Tone in the Student’s Voice

Academic-Tone-in-the-Student’s-VoiceIt’s never easy to face an enemy, especially if it’s clothed in paper and ink. Yet, when it comes to writing a personal statement, a student is not without defence.

First and foremost, the statement is required to be as genuine as it could possible get. Furthermore, it requires the careful combination of the academic tone with that of your student-voice. How is that possible?

  • Select contents that are academically relevant – subject-based activities or programs you’ve participated, text or reference books you’ve read, special projects you’ve immersed yourself, and so forth.

  • Maintain the ‘student voice’ throughout – mention difficulties you’ve encountered in learning, time management and other such issues prevalent among students like yourself. Don’t forget implicating how you attempted to manage such issues.

  • Stick to assertions that are academically acceptable – this requires an active recognition of your statement’s readers: the admission tutors. Try to picture out what this people expect from the piece before directly writing a personal statement.

  • Maintain a brief discussion for your personal hobbies – it’s easy to get excited when discussing sports or hobbies that you are passionate about. However, it’s not a 100% necessity. Remind yourself that its inclusion is for the sake of implying your conformity to the ‘well-rounded’ student category.

  • Always link commitment to your desired course – this actually translates to picturing out the following imagery: how you will fare as a student, what do you envision to do in line to your course (implying a project or profession, perhaps), and what challenges are you willing to undertake in the name of the course.

  • Communicate your excitement as a learner – higher education is not just about career or prospective internships; it’s much about learning. You’ve been through learning since early child education; how will you convince the reader that you would want to learn more?

This is what writing a personal statement in academic tone and ‘student voice’ is about. Prepare to face the jitters of scribbling a lengthy account of your education by striking at the core: make the first draft and revise at your heart’s content.


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