How to Write Assignments and Take Stock of Rewards

How-to-Write-Assignments-and-Take-Stock-of-RewardsYou’ve lost touch to the quote of the day. You’ve missed the tip of day and are not in the mood to munch through the fortune cookie that houses your day’s destiny. At the bottom of it, you only want one tip to learn – how to write assignments when you’re not at it.

Yes, that’s the miserable state you’re currently in. You find no delight in lifting that pen. The appeal of the sound of a clacking keyboard is not there. Rather, you feel like snuggling close to that corner of the bed and doze for good.

Or steal the remote and watch non-stop. Or take the trip to the nearest bar and drink like there’s no tomorrow. Evidently, something’s amiss here. If this is your usual procrastinating dilemma, a trip back to your waiting MBA assignments would do you good.

But it’s clearly not procrastination. Rather, you are feeling less rewarded for prior works and exerted efforts. And what will prove this to be right is that feeling – of wanting to do anything than tackle assignments.

If you still have time, it would indeed, be good to take a breather. Since this ill-feeling is due to an accumulation of no-reward, a simple tea break or sleep won’t be enough. Rather, compensate yourself with a much bigger-than-usual self-treats.

Perhaps, you’ve wanted to watch that long series of sci-fi shows, watch it. Or, you’ve been long eager to reward yourself with a clean room, spring clean every nook and cranny. Do whatever you want and put in mind that after this, you’d want to go back sweating out in the desk.

Perhaps, this is what learning how to write assignments is all about. Being able to know when to stop and pause to give yourself timely rewards – this is part of that learning. Another tip is for you to stop waiting to feel this ill – before you do something.

While you’re at it, reward yourself. Take a short nap, or warm baths. Jog and wear yourself out. Plan how to write assignments while cleaning your room, or doing something else.


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