Examples of Personal Statements That You’d Rather Avoid

Examples-of-Personal-Statements-That-You’d-Rather-AvoidCounting on a personal statement sample to come up with a definitive essay framework is nothing short of creative. Its use is downright convenient – no wonder it’s highly recommended. However, considering that the container of such source (i.e., Internet) is also attributable to quality issues, it is therefore, imperative for students to know which ones to avoid.

Without further ado, below are the top 6 traits you wouldn’t want to see for your samples:

  1. display too much generalities

Generalities should only be reserved for experts and not for budding scholars. Admission tutors are not so fond of generalities because:

  • instead of displaying students’ depth of knowledge, it actually highlights the ignorance students have
  • it epitomises the lack of effort to conduct a proper research
  • such examples of personal statements fails to make you outstand; in fact, general terms and claims stand to become common denominator among lacklustre applicants
  1. playing safe with 2 opposing points

Of course, a student claiming for extreme affirmation doesn’t sound well-rounded. On the other hand, student applicants who claim one and then the other serve to manifest ambiguity – which to the distaste of admission tutors is prevalent.

  1. too many claims, less substantial evidence

Student applicants that go on mentioning deed after deed – without supporting details to boot – painfully lead admission readers to a list, only there are no numbers or bullet points in place.

  1. the story of WHY you won

Some examples of personal statements do show a good number of accomplishments. For instance, students are awarded with this or that. However, such proud integration runs the risk of sounding boastful. Students should therefore, look for samples that, apart from mentioning an accomplishment, also offer insights about what made that student outstand (or what the award giving-body saw in the award recipient).

  1. lack of implications

Samples also show students who gave away so many so-called “learning or lessons.” Again, this exhibits emphasis on end results minus the necessity for inputting that lesson for furtherance. Students should instead pick of samples that proffer interesting implications per lesson.

  1. process of possessing attributes

A common formula present among best-avoided samples consist of these variables: an attended event equals obtained skills or aptitude. Of course, this equation is inaccurate as it is incomplete (it lacks the crucial catalyst of which facilitated the acquiring of an attribute).

And while these attributes render you cautious over your choice of examples of personal statements, it should nevertheless, remind you that its usefulness remains to significantly weigh. Hence, look for samples that have none of these six attributes and write your piece well. And of course, don’t forget to share this among your drudging peers.


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