The Hook Technique of Powerpoint Presentations

The-Hook-Technique-of-Powerpoint-PresentationsHow to write assignments is not the same with reporting. With assignments, students have a reader as their audience; and as such, the judgement of the output is focused on one evaluator, usually a tutor. Reporting, on the other hand, entails numerous audiences.

Various tips abound to help students conquer the nerves and speak their message loud. One ever-resounding tip is for presenters to retrofit everything – from the slides, to the talking – to the audience’s benefit. This is true but is easier said than done.

The audience, bow

The audience essentially bring with them their short-term attention span. As such, the presenter has to double the effort to work it with them. They design powerpoint presentations that are devoid of boring displays – a lengthy paragraph, disturbing or too catchy images. They strictly confirm to the 30-minute or any other short duration report.

But the audience remains to be very indifferent to you. To that effect, your audience restricts himself to listening to stuff that’s interesting and then droning your voice with his MP3 if it starts to get dull (according to his judgement). To improve this, presenters will have to actively address the audience.

Attempting to hook

In attempt to endearing oneself to the audience, the presenter will try to link relatable points, say an experience of which all of the people in the podium shared (i.e., presenter and audience). The presenter will then echo the audience’s sentiments.

In fact, the presenter may even show images, via powerpoint presentations, that capture the relevant effects of such shared and relatable experience. If you’ve been an audience and has been tried with this tactic, you may admit: “it was effective.

Successful tactic

You fixed your sitting posture and positioned your eyes and ears to the speaker. With the presenter’s tickling of the shared experience, you were able to identify yourself as part of the crucial recipient of the presenter’s prepared message.

And now that you’re to do powerpoint presentations, it may be time to put those observations to actions. Study your audience and plan the execution of hooking their attention to you.


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