Things to Keep in Mind When Researching


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When writing assignments, you can use some guidelines and examples of assignments to help you. You can get a basic framework for it from your lecture notes. They include ideas, theories and concepts that you will need in writing your assignment. You notes are only a part and cannot stand alone. You must read what is required of you plus some extra references and other materials that you can come across while you are researching for your assignment.

Aside from the notes you have taken down during lectures and previous personal study sessions and some assignment examples, you should take notes while researching. While doing so, try to retell in your own words what the author is saying. Do not simply copy a big portion of text. Doing so will make many words from the author in your assignment and less of them changed. This will amount to plagiarism. Give your opinion about what you have researched. You can do this with a simple start of saying whether you agree or disagree with the points raised by the author.

Take note of basic points made by different authors, sources and assignment examples. Compare the different things the various authors and sources are saying. Jot down the difference and similarities. Further, group the authors, sources and what they are saying. Consider only the relevant points. Not everything that authors and sources say are important for your specific assignment. While you are researching and taking down notes, always keep in mind what your assignment is. Ask yourself whether an information is useful and how.

While researching and taking down notes, also keep in mind referencing all the time. Simply jot down the page numbers of the quotes you consider using in your assignment. Whatever portions of the work of other people you want to reproduce, you need to cite them fully and in detail for every source you got it from. See to it that you refer to the referencing style your tutor or professor prefers. Thus, all in all, you need to keep in mind note taking, your assignment topic or question and referencing when researching.


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