Individuality in Presentation and Analysis in Discussion

individuality-in-presentation-and-analysis-in-discussionGood presentation is very important in making assignments. Your assignment should look good to your tutor or professor. It must be without any typographical, spelling and grammatical errors. Overall, your work should show your authentic voice. In other words, the writing style you demonstrate should represent who you really are. You should see to it that your work fits you. This is very important among assignment writing tips.

Alongside other assignment writing tips, giving your written work your personal touch and identity is a priority. Write your propositions, arguments, support and others in your own words. You can do this by engaging with the topic or question. It is a must that you focus on the topic or question and engage with them. Analyse them.

See to it that you understand and know what exactly you should do. Give the topic or question a very careful and thoughtful look. Some tutors fashion a topic or question in ways that students need to analyse them deeper first. This is part of the test or evaluation that they are doing on the students. This hint is one of the very tricky assignment writing tips.

To analyse the topic or question, look for assumptions or propositions in them. In other words, think of what these hidden ones could be. Take for example the question “Why are people hungry for recognition or power and how can they and the negative effects of their behaviour be neutralised?” In analysing the question, break it down into parts. The “and” in the question is the guide in dividing the question into its parts. They are “Why are people hungry for recognition or power” and “how can they and the negative effects of their behaviour be neutralised?”

The first part involves an assumption because you can ask whether being power and recognition hungry is true to all or each person. You must address this first part which is an assumption before you proceed to the next one. Proceeding to the second part, you can look into the word “neutralise.” Ask yourself what could be the connotations of the word. Discuss these in your writing.


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